Mix it up this Valentine’s Day with a gift oozing fun and personality. Potted plants make wonderful gifts and with a few special touches your Valentine won’t be able to resist planting one on you! 1. Hello petal Phalaenopsis orchids are sure to impress with their grace and stunning flowers. We have a range of ready-made phalaenopsis orchids available […]

Husqvarna range

There are over three centuries of innovation, precision and pride behind Husqvarna garden tools. Their constant innovation and commitment to quality produces products to make our lives as gardeners even more enjoyable with easy-to-use products that offer better results. Every season, every year. Big brands, big rewards There’s some bigs perks to being a Garden Lovers Club […]

Weber BBQ range

At Flower Power we’re big fans of spending time in the great outdoors and meal time is no exception! That’s why we stock a huge range of Weber BBQs and accessories to suit every outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a charcoal or gas barbecue for your balcony, your garden or one to easily pop in the boot to take […]

Homegrown heroes

Meet three of the hardworking and passionate people behind our growing nursery, Arborglen.   Tim Dempster, sales & dispatch manager, with Arborglen since 2004 My earliest memories of Flower Power are as a kid visiting the Enfield store with my grandmother. She would enjoy a coffee at the café and I would have fun in the playground.  Ever since then, I […]

Where do our plants come from?

Four out of five Flower Power plants have been lovingly grown less than an hour’s drive from the heart of Sydney, at Arborglen. Discover the dedication that’s poured into each and every Homegrown plant – all four and half million of them.   From little things, big things grow To discover the story of Arborglen, […]

Outdoor furniture range

The right outdoor furniture can make entertaining a breeze, dinner under the stars magical and reading the paper an absolute pleasure. Create your own slice of paradise with our huge range of outdoor furniture and accessories. Browse our furniture catalogue Whether yours is a backyard, a courtyard or a balcony we have the perfect furniture setting for your garden. […]

Father Nature

For these three Flower Power dads, green thumbs definitely run in the family.   John Sammut Flower Power CEO and father of five What do your kids love to do in the garden? They love the whole process of growing herbs and vegies, from planting to the reward of having grown something at the end of it all. […]

Gardening for Kids

The garden isn’t just somewhere to send the kids to play to get them out of your hair. Research shows that gardening has positive health and educational benefits for children. On the health side, gardening-based programs are helping kids with learning difficulties or mental health issues including autism. On the educational side, gardening can teach […]

Bird-attracting plants

I am watching wattlebirds, parrots and a flock of silvereyes having fun in my fruit trees. They are feeding on the ripening apples with a lot of flashing wings and bird chatter. All fruit trees and shrubs are bird-attracting plants but these are the very plants we don’t want the birds to find attractive. Luckily […]

Composting is free and easy, it helps the planet, and best of all your plants will love you for it. Follow our simple seven-step guide to homemade compost success.  What is compost? Food, plants, animal waste, air and soil all contain microorganisms. When these elements come together in a heap, these nifty microorganisms spread and […]

Mum Knows Best

When it comes to caring for their favourite plants, mum’s not the word for these Flower Power mums. Rachael Butt Flower Power Graphic Designer and mum of two Favourite plant? Mandevilla ‘Pink Fantasy’ Why it’s won me over? I’m a colour person and Mandevilla ‘Pink Fantasy’ has a mass of hot pink flowers most of […]

If you’re wanting to give a unique, hand-made gift this Easter try these gorgeous eggshell gardens! This is also a fun activity for the kids to do over the long weekend to keep them entertained. Materials you’ll need Empty eggshells in a carton Potting medium A selection of small plants Small pebbles (optional) A small trowel […]