Pest Control

If you love playing in the dirt, you know all about the important role bees play in pollinating and maintaining earth’s balance. Without bees there would be no flowers or food for us to eat. But if you can’t accommodate bees as your garden guests due to allergies, there are plenty of easy, natural solutions […]

Good & bad garden bugs

Like it or not, there will always be bugs and insects in the garden. Some are good for the garden and some are not. Nobody likes the bad bugs that eat our plants, but if we eliminate them completely we lose the good bugs too. Without bugs there would be no frogs, no lizards, no […]

From baking soda to beer, everything you need to keep pests (and chemicals) out of your garden, is at your fingertips.   Ants Mix ¼ cup of icing sugar with one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle where ants hang out. The worker ants will take the powder back to the nest and the nest will be eliminated. Keep […]

Pesticides 101

When it looks like there’s something amiss with a garden or indoor plant, most gardeners reach for a cure in the form of a plant spray. But there are lots organisms that affect plant health so there is no one solution fits all. To be able to select the right type chemical to apply to […]

As indoor plants have increased in popularity so have the cries for help when it comes to diagnosing problems. As with all plants, the best way to keep your indoor green friends healthy and free of pests and disease is to ensure you choose the right plant for the right location. Don’t be tempted to try to make […]

Tackling Mosquitoes in the Garden

Mosquitoes turn time outside into an ordeal. Late afternoon and early evening are peak times for mosquito activity in summer gardens. As many mosquito repellents include plant extracts (for example pyrethrum or citronella) one of the dreams held by many gardeners is to find a plant that will repel mosquitoes naturally. Unfortunately there isn’t one, […]

Green aphids love the tender tips of newly planted pansies, viola and other ornamental seedlings,and they will distort and weaken the new growth. Control them by spraying with confidor or another systemic insecticide. Black aphids appear after the rain on ornamental shrubs,check new growth that it stimulated after pruning hedges of hibiscus, viburnum, murraya, photinia […]

Spring Pests

Imagine your garden as a giant smorgasbord. That’s how garden pests view it and, guess what, they are planning to come to your place for dinner to feast on new spring growth!

Bronze Orange Bugs

When I bought my first home, I had no real understanding of ‘garden’ as a verb. For a long time the garden managed without me, and an Orange tree in particular flourished.

Fruit Fly Control

Fruit flies are a very real menace in the garden, attacking apricot, peach, nectarine, raspberry and mandarins, as well as our favourite salad vegetable, the tomato.

Organic Insect and Disease Control

When there’s a problem in your garden you want a safe cure. Some people search for homemade remedies, but many of these are messy to make or apply and may often harm the very plant you are trying to protect.

A healthy, happy plant is far less susceptible to pests and diseases, and in a balanced garden pests can often be controlled by their natural predators.