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Shade plants for small gardens

From foliage to flowering, groundcover to climbing, discover the best plants for creating a shade garden in your small space.

What is well-draining soil?

If you’re a gardener, chances are you’ve come across the term ‘well-draining’ soil once or twice. But what does well-draining soil exactly mean?

Indigo cool

Just a hint of this moody hue is all that’s needed to make a big impact. Find out how to transform your home into an inviting oasis of calming blue.

Botanical luxe

Natural beauty combined with bursts of earthy shades are the hallmarks of botanical luxe. Embrace the look with handwoven baskets and luxurious linen.

Tribal charm

Capture the spirit of an ancient continent. This style takes us to a place where time stands still and nature exists in a raw and beautiful state.

Coast to coast

Whether you're lucky enough to live by the coast, or just love to escape there in your daydreams, it’s easy to make the interior decorating sea change.


Tibouchinas are seen at their purple best in autumn. These evergreen shrubs or small trees thrive in warm, sheltered gardens in full sun or part shade.

How to repot plants

To keep potted plants thriving, they need to be repotted regularly. This means putting them into a new container or replanting with fresh potting mix.

We are family

While most kids in the 70s spent their free time zipping around on bikes, Flower Power’s CEO John Sammut and his brothers headed off to work.

Pond-er this!

Sick of looking after your unused swimming pool? Turn it into a thriving backyard billabong, with beautiful water plants and all manner of wildlife.


Spathiphyllum is a classic indoor plant grown for its lush green strappy leaves and long-lasting white flowers that last for weeks throughout the year.

Gardening glossary

If you’re not sure what deadheading means, are wondering if your plant is “established” or thought humus was a delicious chickpea dip, read on.