Pond-er this!

Sick of looking after your unused swimming pool? Turn it into a thriving backyard billabong, with beautiful water plants and all manner of wildlife.

Gardening glossary

If you’re not sure what deadheading means, are wondering if your plant is “established” or thought humus was a delicious chickpea dip, read on.

Understanding root systems

The mental image we have of a root system is a taproot that anchors the plant firmly in the soil. The reality is most roots systems are broad and shallow.

Your complete weed guide

Identifying a garden weed, and understanding its growth and life cycle can help you work out a control strategy. Here are some of the most common in Sydney.

11 best bathroom plants

The warm, steamy conditions of your bathroom create the ultimate climate for these 11 indoor plants. Permission to turn up the heat and enjoy a hot shower.

Growing bulbs in pots

This season, why not plant your bulbs in a pot, so that once blooming, the pot can be brought inside for an indoor flower display unlike any other!

Where’s my fruit?

If you want to grow a productive garden and produce more fruit pollination is key. For pollination (and fruiting) the essential ingredients are pollen, a receptive stigma and a pollinating insect. While it sounds straightforward, complications can occur as some flowers are not pollinated by their own pollen. Here's what you need to know.

Containers are a great way to showcase your favourite plants and inject a bit of personality into your home and garden. Whatever container your plant calls home, here are our top four tips to ensure your container garden thrives. 1. Size matters Make sure you choose the right size pot for your plant (or vice versa). […]

Where are my flowers?

It's disappointing to see a plant grow but not bloom. There are many reasons a plant doesn’t flower. The good news is most plants will flower – eventually.

Fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a stylish and desirable indoor plant that grows well in a large container positioned in a brightly-lit spot in your home.

All about olive trees

Olive trees are widely planted in gardens but not just for their fruit. This evergreen tree is also loved for its good looks and heat and drought tolerance.

Summer pests & diseases checklist

There are many critters and diseases that want to feed on your plants in summer. Here are quick, easy ways to stop them in their tracks.