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Amgrow Ecosmart Flower & Fruit Fertiliser
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Ecosmart Fruit & Flower Fertiliser is formulated to enrich garden soil by providing a balanced mix of essential nutrients and essential trace elements to encourage active healthy growth. It is ideal as a basic food for vegetables, fruit trees and vines, annual flowers and seedlings as well as for regular applications to perennials, ornamentals, shrubs and trees.

Ecosmart Fruit & Flower Fertiliser contains NutriPlus, a unique bio-active compound fertiliser which is high in carbon and humic acids. This component enhances nutrient uptake, increases soil organic matter and improves overall soil health. It also contains extra potassium to improve flower and fruit quality and to assist with increased pest and disease resistance.

  • Carbon enhanced nutrition
  • Added wetting agent
  • Low phosphorus
Coverage — 75g per square metre