ARTISAN by FP Collection The Beekeeper Pillar Candle
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Volume 13cm
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Beekeeper [bee-kee-per] noun A person who keeps bees for pollination or for the production of honey, royal jelly, honeycomb or beeswax; an apiarist.

"After a day spent tending his hives, the beekeeper sets off for home - but not without taking some of the day's product for himself. Overwhelmingly, the sweet scent of honey is what defines his home..."  

ARTISAN by FP Collection pillar candles take inspiration from old-world crafts and the artisans who dealt in them. The Beekeeper, imbued with the sweet scented blend of honey and almond, tells a story through both sight and scent. The organic, free-flowing look of this stunning golden and cream pillar, with its glaze-effect wax and cement fibre base, is perfect for adding mood and ambience to your raw, industrial-inspired decor. Presented in a painterly wax paper wrap, it also makes a stunning gift.

Colour — Almond
Volume — 13cm
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Fragrance Almond and Honey