Avocado Fuerte
Persea americana'Fuerte' - avocado fuerte
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The avocado is a large spreading tree bearing fruit with a distinctive, bumpy outer rind and a smooth, creamy flesh that is rich in flavour containing a large single seed. It’s one of the more cold-hardy varieties with leaves that have a strong anise smell when crushed. The fruit set of the Avocado Fuerte tree is irregular with some trees not producing much fruit while others that are very productive. It alternates in bearing fruit producing an adequate crop every other year, depending on the weather at setting time. Avacados can be eaten on their own are high in vitamin E, perfect in salad sandwiches, and is the key ingredient in guacamole.

Size — 5l
Growth Width — 6m
Growth Height — 6m
Frost Sensitive
Flower Colour — Yellow
Fruiting Period — January, February, September, October, November, December
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
More Information
Watering needs

Keep soil moist but not wet.

Pruning Advice

Prune only if needed to retain shape.