Baby Gladioli Oriental Lady
Gladiolus nanus - Gladioli
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Flowers truly are a gift of summer. This fabulous tall-flowering, colourful plant will add lots of character to your garden. The hardy multi-flowering bulbs have strong stems producing gorgeous pretty pink flowers. They are perfect for pots or garden beds and look just as impressive cut and displayed indoors in your favourite vase.

Growth Height — 60cm
Frost Sensitive
Flower Colour — Pink
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

Plant 8 to 10cm deep.

Watering needs

Water well when flowering and let them dry out in winter.

Pruning Advice

Pinching, a way of pruning back gladiolus, is a task that you should do throughout the blooming season to keep the plant neat and healthy. Remove the entire blooming stem once all the buds on the stem have opened and faded. Cut the leaves to the ground when they die down and turn yellow in late summer.