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Beta vulgaris
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Is a bulbous root vegetable with a brilliant burgundy coloured centre and striking long green foliage. It has a two-fold advantage for growers as both the leaves and roots can be eaten. The young green leaves are delicious steamed, blanched or added to salads. Beetroot is remarkably sweet when cooked and is usually boiled with the skin on to stop bleeding it can also be baked or grated raw in salads. It s most commonly pickled and popular for dips and sauces. The crop is ready when the crown shows through the soil at the base of the leaves, usually within eight to ten weeks after planting.

Size — 6 cellpunnet
Growth Height — 50cm
Fruiting Period — Spring, Summer, Autumn
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Grow quickly in rich friable soil.

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