Begonia Maculata
Begonia Maculata - Polka Dot Begonia
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An unusual cane type begonia with vibrant silvery white eye-catching spots forming on the top of the dark green leaves. The red to purple undersize of the leaf adds a dramatic contrast. Fast growing in the warmer months, Begonia Polka Dot makes a stunning feature plant.

Colour — White
Growth Width — 50.000cm
Growth Height — 100.000cm
Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix
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Planting Advice

Use a quality potting mix such as Supersoil Professional potting mix.

Watering needs

Allow soil to dry out between watering’s. Do not sit in saucers of water.

Pruning Advice

Remove damaged or yellowing leaves as they occur.

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