Black + Blum Charcoal Water Filter
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Filter tap water naturally and easily with the Black + Blum Charcoal Water Filter. When popped into a bottle or carafe, these small but mighty sticks soften the water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odours, like chlorine. Made from binchotan - a type of charcoal that has been used for many years in Japan as a water filter - each piece can last several months.

Colour — Charcoal
Product Height — 3.200cm
Length — 19.800cm
Width — 6.700cm
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The stick is ready to use when you buy it as it comes ultrasonically cleaned and vacuum pack. Simply fill your water bottle with drinking tap water and wait for the charcoal to filter impurities from the water. Leaving the water overnight is the best way, but you will be able to taste the difference in the water after just one hour of filtering. Over time, you may notice that the filter s effectiveness has decreased. You can simply recharge the filter by boiling in water for ten minutes to wash out impurities. There is no need to use any soap or detergent to clean your charcoal, a simple boil will do the trick. If your charcoal breaks, it works in the same way and you can still use it in your water bottle. It is best to use 1 stick for up to 1.1 litres of water for the most effective filtering. It is also best to only use the stick with water, as it will not work if you place it directly in teas, cordials or other drinks.