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Bonsai Starter
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Size 7cm
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Create your own unique potted bonsai with one of our starter plants. Our selection of bonsai starter trees and shrubs can be wired and potted into a bonsai pot.

Plants vary throughout the year from store-to-store depending on season and availability. Pop into your local Flower Power to view the range and get specific advice from one of our expert staff.

Size — 7cm
Light Requirements — Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix
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Planting Advice

Once you've selected a bonsai pot start by covering the drainage hole with a piece of plastic mesh. This will allow the potting mix to drain but stop it from falling out the base. Thread some wire in a U-shape through the mesh and place a small layer of specialty bonsai potting mix on top to anchor down.

Remove the starter bonsai plant from the container and carefully remove excess soil from the root ball. How much you remove depends on the size of the pot. You can also cut the roots back by half and spread them if needed to fit into the shallow bonsai pot.

Position your bonsai starter plant and fill the remainder of the pot with the potting mix. The wire anchored by the mesh should stick up in a 'U' shape above the potting mix. Twist the wire around the branches closely (but not too tight) to help shape the plant.

Watering needs

As bonsai are in shallow pots it's important to keep the mix moist at all times, especially in the warmer seasons.

Pruning Advice

There's no need to prune the starter plant until you pot it up and are ready to create your bonsai. This part is the most fun and where you can get creative. Think about the shape you want to work towards and keep this in mind as it grows and you begin to trim branches. You should also prune your bonsai to keep top growth under control and encourage growth elsewhere on the plant. Use bonsai clippers to remove any dead branches to keep your bonsai healthy.

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