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Billbergia nutans
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Add a point of interest to your garden with this easy to grow, bromeliad. Originating from South America, this plant grows to a height of 50 centimetres. It produces narrow, long green leaves and pink bracted flower stems with slender hanging blooms in pink, green, blue and black in late Winter to Spring. The plant quickly multiplies and does well as a ground cover in shaded areas or when planted in a decorative pot. As it is epiphytic, and can be tied to a tree with fishing line or sit in a fork in a tree. Ensure the centre of the plant is holding some water. A quick splash with the hose is all it requires when you remember.

Size — 140mm
Growth Width — .5m
Growth Height — .5m
Flower Colour — Pink
Light Requirements — Part Shade, Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Cultivate the soil before planting. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container. Remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole, so that the soil level of the plant is the same as the surrounding soil. Fill the hole with soil, tamp down firmly, and water well, even if the soil is moist.

Watering needs

Keep a small pool of water in the centre of the plant. A splash with the hose every so often, and again when it's hot, is all this plant requires.

Pruning Advice

Only prune back the damaged leaves and flower spike once they have dried up.