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Bromeliad Divine Plum
Alcantarea imperialis 'Divine Plum' - Giant Bromeliad
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Add colour and interest to your living space with this hardy, evergreen plant. This Bromeliad is easy to grow and produces architectural foliage with red undersides. It thrives in sunny to partly shaded positions and makes a striking addition to outdoor areas when grown in the ground or in large pots. It is also an excellent addition to a well lit, indoor position. The flowering process can take one year, and once this has occured, this plant will die and be replaced by pups that shoot from the original base. The pups can be easily removed and potted on. Be sure to protect this plant from frost.

Size — 150mm
Growth Width — 1m
Growth Height — 1m
Flower Colour — Yellow
Foliage Colour — Green, Red
Light Requirements — Full sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

Cultivate the soil before planting. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container. Remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole, so that the soil level of the plant is the same as the surrounding soil. Fill the hole with soil, tamp down firmly, and water well, even if the soil is moist.

Watering needs

Water this plant in the centre of the bromeliad when the water is low. You should see a pool of water in the centre of the bromeliad.

Pruning Advice

Prune old and damaged leaves from the base of this plant.

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