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Carniverous Plant Dutchman's Pipe
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Native, carnivorous, climbing, semi-woody herb has long, slender, glossy, green leaves that develop a tendril at the tip which eventually develops into a pitcher, usually green with tones of pink and red. Produces spikes of small yellowish flowers in Summer. The pitcher atttracts its prey into the pitfall trap, drooping with its own weight. Ideal for part shade under trees, in hanging baskets and in pots.

Growth Width — 30cm
Growth Height — 2m
Frost Sensitive
Flower Colour — Yellow
Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight, Morning Sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

Use a quality Native mix.

Watering needs

Keep soil moist at all times.

Pruning Advice

Remove damaged or yellowing leaves as they occur.