ARTISAN by FP Collection The Chandler Pillar Candle
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Chandler [chahnd-ler] noun A person who makes and sells candles, wax and soap products.

"After a long day in the workshop, the chandler returns home carrying the scent of his day's work - fragrant oils, waxes and wood from the hand-carved candlesticks he places his finished candles upon, are the aromas that fill his home..."  

ARTISAN by FP Collection pillar candles take inspiration from old-world crafts and the artisans who dealt in them. The Chandler, richly scented with Woodland Mist, tells a story through both sight and scent. The organic, free-flowing look of this stunning grey and white pillar, with its glaze-effect wax and cement fibre base, is perfect for adding mood and ambience to your raw, industrial-inspired decor. Presented in a painterly wax paper wrap, it also makes a stunning gift.

Volume — 13cm