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A house just isn’t a home without an outdoor entertaining area. It’s the perfect place to chat, eat or simply chill out with family or friends while you enjoy the sunshine. And whether you have a courtyard, a balcony or an expansive garden, you’ll find a modern and durable outdoor furniture option to suit you at Flower Power.

Even better, you don’t have to leave home to find your ideal outdoor furniture piece! Flower Power makes it simple to shop the range online – plus, take advantage of our delivery service for delivery within 7 days in the Sydney metro area.

Outdoor furniture ideas to consider

Got some ideas up your sleeve? Ready to get on with creating your perfect outdoor space? We’re with you! But there are a couple of things you should think about first when you’re selecting your outdoor setting.

The first question you need to ask yourself is “realistically, how often am I going to use this”? It’s important to achieve the look you want, but it’s even more important to be practical about the space you have. An ornate daybed might fit your aesthetic, but if having that means you can’t have a four-person outdoor setting which you’d use constantly, you might need to step back and rethink your styling.

The second question is “how easy is it to keep clean?” While Flower Power’s outdoor furniture is recommended for outdoor undercover use only, your outdoor setting may still end up being exposed to things like dust, leaves, dirt, pet hair, even bird droppings. Look out for surfaces that you can keep looking tidy with a quick wipe-over. Don’t forget, timber surfaces need to be oiled every six months, and powder-coated aluminium should be treated with automotive wax every 3 months to protect the surfaces and keep them looking their best.

Question number three should be “is it water-resistant?” Most outdoor furniture is made specifically with the elements in mind, and will therefore be water-resistant – but it’s always worth checking that timber surfaces have been treated and that any cushions or chair pads are covered with a water-repellent fabric, so that they don’t develop mould. You should also consider giving your outdoor cushions a holiday indoors when they’re not in use – keeping them stored in a cool, dry area will help to extend their life.

The fourth and final question you need to ask is “is wind an issue?” If you’re putting your outdoor furniture in a space that’s exposed to strong and heavy winds, your setting will need to be solid and heavy enough to stay put and not get blown around… or away. If this sounds like your outdoor space, more substantial pieces made from solid timber or iron are more likely to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. You could also consider relocating your setting to a sheltered spot when you’re not using it.

Garden and deck furniture ideas

A stylish outdoor dining setting is a great way to help make your outdoor space more comfy and functional. Even better, it’s the ideal way to make the space more “you” – outdoor furniture really helps to add character and personality to an outdoor space.

When you’re considering outdoor furniture, it needs to do double duty in terms of looking and feeling good. It should feel like your own personal oasis, a relaxing place where you can just as easily sit quietly with a coffee and the morning paper as you can with a group of friends, some cocktails and some gossip. The right outdoor setting choice will ensure that your outdoor entertaining area is one of your home’s most-used areas through spring and summer.

Striving for outdoor living perfection? You need to consider the utility of the space before you even think of selecting a setting. How many people will you be hosting? Is it a kid-friendly space? Are you thinking of hosting lavish outdoor dining parties, or are you more interested in an intimate cocktail setting? Is a solitary reading nook in a sunny corner really what you’re after? Once you’ve got a rough idea of the vibe you’re going for, then you can start considering the types of furniture you might need. Multi-purpose and modular settings are great things to consider, but always make sure you measure your space early on, so you know your limits and don’t fall in love with something that’s too big for your space.

Colour is a vital element in any outdoor space – and the good news is, you don’t need to follow your indoor colour scheme in an outdoor entertaining area. In fact, the great outdoors is a fabulous place to experiment with vibrant and bold colours you wouldn’t normally think to use inside. When you’ve got colourful outdoor furniture ideas, your best bet is to go neutral on the setting itself. Investment pieces in natural materials such as timber and rattan are your safest bet, alongside lightweight pieces in tones of black and white which never date. Settle on your colour palette and choose cushions, bench cushions, umbrellas, wall art and smaller furniture pieces that work in with that scheme. This way, if you fall out of love with your colour scheme or you just think it needs a seasonal refresh down the track, all you need to do is swap out these additional decorative touches without needing to replace your entire outdoor setting. It means more bang for your buck in the long run.

Think you’re limited to timber, concrete or paved flooring? Think again. An outdoor rug is a great way to cosy up an outdoor entertaining area. Our range of outdoor rugs are specifically designed using materials that will stand up to undercover outdoor use and will withstand the elements. Not only this, an outdoor rug can help soften your space, add underfoot cushioning and provide an air of effortless bohemian chic. Trust us – you need an outdoor rug.

Multi-purpose outdoor furniture pieces are something worth thinking about, especially if your space is compact. For example, a bench seat with a hidden storage compartment is a great way to maximise your space, while ottomans that can provide extra seating are a great thing to have when an extra person turns up for dinner. Lightweight furniture that can be easily repositioned will also help add to the flexibility of your outdoor space.

When you’re making your final decision on furniture, make sure you prioritise quality above everything else. Remember, your outdoor dining setting doesn’t have the benefit of four walls around it, so it will need to withstand the sun, rain, wind and other natural elements. If you choose a poor-quality setting, you’ll need to fork out to replace it sooner. When you choose a great-quality furniture setting you may pay a little more at the beginning, but you should think of it as an investment. A quality setting is likely to withstand the elements and become the centre of family gatherings for many years to come.

Where can I buy outdoor furniture?

Ready to take the plunge and redecorate your balcony, courtyard, patio or garden? We are, too! If you’re wondering “where can I buy outdoor furniture?”, the answer’s right in front of you. It’s Flower Power! We’re the garden people, but we do way more than just flowers and foliage. Come and visit us for every element you need to create the outdoor living area of your dreams. Don’t forget, we can deliver any in-stock piece of furniture within 7 days in the Sydney metro area, so you can flip your outdoor space quickly. Shop our entire outdoor furniture range online, or pop in-store at of our 10 Sydney locations today. We can’t wait to meet you!