Circa Home 1980 Fresh Linen Scented Melts 90g
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Tumbling into clean sheets, crisp from the line, still kissed by the warmth of the sun. It’s 1980, with a scent as inviting as fresh linen infused with the summer breeze notes of green clover, cotton and geraniums in flower.

When used with the Circa Home Wax Warmer these scented melts are the flameless way to fill your home with fragrance. Each tray offers instant fragrance for up to 96 hours at the flick of a switch.

These Circa Home Scented Melts have been handmade in Australia using natural soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. The packaging and tray are 100% recyclable.

Fragrance description
Top: Ozone, geranium, green clover
Middle: jasmine, violet, moss
Base: sheer woods, sweet vanilla

Volume — 90 G