Crocodile Jaws Aloe
Aloe humilis var. echinata - Crocodile Jaws Aloe
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A great plant for beginners! Aloes are robust, succulent plants forming rosettes of fleshy, sword-shaped leaves. This variety is generally without any stems with crocodile-like white teeth on its leaves and red to orange fruit when in flower. Ideal for hot, dry garden spots or as container plants, provided the soil drains freely. Tolerant of extended dry periods.

Size — 140mm
Drought Tolerant
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

If your succulent looks like it's stretching out of its pot it's a sign it's not getting enough light. Once this happens it's difficult to get your succulent back to a compact shape. You can try propagating the plant, taking a cutting one to two inches from the plant's base. Place the cutting in a shady spot and give it just a little water (make sure it's not bone-dry) and let it re-shoot new growth.

Watering needs

While it's important to water your plant during spring and early summer as it's growing, do not over water it. Let the soil dry out between watering in summer and tail-off with the return of cooler weather.