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Codiaeum varigatum
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The colours of this magnificent, evergreen shrub are simply stunning and will add an exotic touch to your home or garden. With large, leathery, multi-coloured leaves it's ideal for tropical gardens with free draining soil, or indoors in a warm, well-lit position free from drafts, where it can get plenty of sunshine.

Perfect for shrubberies, in containers on patios or verandahs. It likes moist soil and humid air as dry air can make the leaves to drop off.

To help your plant show off its most vibrant colours make sure it gets lots of bright light, as it needs at least three hours of direct sunlight each day. Your plant will tell you if it needs a brighter location as the new leaves will mostly be in shades of green.

Size — 125mm
Growth Width — 1.8m
Growth Height — 2m
Frost Sensitive
Light Requirements — Full sun, Indirect sunlight, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
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Watering needs

If growing indoors water regularly and keep soil evenly moist. If growing outdoors, water often to keep the soil moist however deeper watering in dry weather may be required.

Pruning Advice Remove spent leaves as required to keep your plant looking its best.
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