Currant White
Ribes rubrum – albino cultivar - White Current
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A small, hardy attractive, woody shrub that produces between 8 to 30 flowers along its branches that are followed by clusters of small, glossy white berries that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals. White currants can be eaten raw and have a sweet to tart flavour but are usually used in pies, jams, and preserves.

Size — 200mm
Growth Width — 1.2m
Growth Height — 1.2m
Frost Tolerant
Flower Colour — Yellow
Fruiting Period — Summer
Flowering Period — Spring
Light Requirements — Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Well drained soil
More Information
Watering needs

Keep moist and don’t let soil dry out during flowering and fruiting periods.

Pruning Advice

After harvesting prune the bush back to five leaves on each side shoot and remove any dead or overcrowded branches to 'open up' the plant.