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D.T. Brown Poached Egg Plant
Limnathes douglasii - Poached Egg Plant
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These happy-go-lucky, cup-shaped flowers with their bright white and yellow centred petals that resemble a poached egg, will create a cheerful patch of ground cover in any garden. Poached egg plant has a mat-forming growth habit and makes a lovely edging plant, so it's suited for damp rockeries or planting between pavers. It also has an added benefit in the vegie patch as it attracts a wide range of pollinators and insect predators. Flowers approximately 16 weeks after sowing.

Growth Height — 15cm
Light Requirements — Full sun
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Planting Advice

Prefers a sunny position, water regularly and mulch to keep soil moist. Flowers approximately 16 weeks after sowing.

Watering needs

Water regularly.