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Narcissus - Daffodil
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Probably the most popular and easy to grow of all our flowering bulb plants. They are always a happy surprise when they bloom for the first time in spring with their joyful, golden yellow, dark centred, trumpet-like flowers. They are visually appealing when planted in clumps, are suited to pots and make just as wonderful cut flowers.

Growth Height — 45cm
Flower Colour — Yellow
Light Requirements — Full sun
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

Make sure your bulbs are planted pointy end up. Leave bulbs in the ground undisturbed for years to naturalise.

Watering needs

Natural rainfall should be sufficient in many areas however, keep bulbs moist during dry spells in autumn and late spring.

Pruning Advice

When in bloom, feel free to cut flowers for spring bouquets. Regularly removing the spent flower heads is beneficial to next year's flowering. It is essential not to remove leaves before they turn yellow as they are important in developing next year's corms.