Dendrobium Orchid on Board
Dendrobium spp. - Rock Lily
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Create a tropical feel in your garden with this stunning, Australian orchid. This hardy plant features large clusters of small, white, cream, pink or purple flowers from late spring to early winter. Mount it on a board, a basket, or attach it to a tree trunk or tree fern in your garden.

Growth Width — 3m
Growth Height — 1m
Frost Sensitive
Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight, Morning Sun, Part Shade
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix, Well drained soil
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Planting Advice

The best way to grow your orchid is to mount it on a board, a basket, or attach it to a tree trunk (one that does not shed bark) or tree fern. This will guarantee air circulation for the plant root system, which will protect the plant from overwatering. Overwatering is deadly for this plant.

Watering needs

This orchid enjoys high humidity and moist potting soil. It will not tolerate wet feet, so never allow the root zone to sit in water. Water generously, only when potting soil has dried out.

Pruning Advice

Repot your plant when it outgrows its space. This is usually only every two to three years. This is also a good time to propagate orchids by division of an existing clump.

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