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Dieffenbachia Camille
Dieffenbachia maculata 'Camille' - Dumb Cane Plant
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An easy to care for plant that has broad, marbled green and white leaves. It's a beautiful shade loving plant that provides colourful foliage all year round. Ideal when placed under a sheltered patio, in a large decorative pot or indoors as a featured houseplant. One of the most popular houseplants since it's very hardy and can handle a little bit of neglect.

Size — 180mm
Growth Width — 80cm
Growth Height — 80cm
Frost Sensitive
Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight
Soil Requirements — Special potting mix
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Watering needs

Dieffenbachia grows best with soil tha's not overly moist. Hold off on watering the plant until the top 2 inches of soil are dry, then water thoroughly at the base of the plant. Droopy leaves are usually a sign that the plant needs to be watered.

Pruning Advice As dieffenbachia grows, it tends to shed the lower leaves on its stem, which might not be the look you re going for. If this is an issue or the plant is simply too tall for your taste, use a sharp pair of pruners to cut it back to the desired height and it will soon begin to sprout new leaves.
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