Dieffenbachia Compacta
Dieffenbachia - Dumbcane, Leopard Lily
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Brighten up your indoor space with this lush, tropical plant. The Dumb Cane, Leopard Lily produces broad, rich green leaves that are liberally painted with creamy white variegation. It is a petite plant with a dense habit, and a great choice for tight, challenging spaces in your home.

  • The Dumb Cane grows best in well drained soil and bright, filtered light.
  • It is highly tolerant of sub optimal conditions.
  • Water when the soil surface is dry.
Size — 180mm
Growth Width — 1m
Growth Height — 1m
Drought Tolerant
Frost Sensitive
Light Requirements — Indirect sunlight, Shade
Soil Requirements — Sandy soil, Special potting mix, Well drained soil
More Information
Planting Advice

Place Dumb Cane in a position, where it will receive moderate or filtered light. One way to provide just the right amount of light is to place the plant near a sunny window in a position where the direct rays of the sun never quite reach it. Turn the pot frequently so that the plant gets light from all angles. If new growth is lopsided, you need to turn the pot more often.

Watering needs

Water this plant often enough to keep the soil lightly moist, but never wet or soggy. Keep the saucer under the plant empty so that the roots don't sit in water. Droopy leaves indicate that the plant needs water and brown tips indicate that you are waiting too long between waterings.

Pruning Advice

Observe your plant, and prune it when it has shed enough leaves to expose its stems.