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  1. Notable Natives

    Notable Natives
    Australia means different things to each of us, but this Australia Day we take a look at three iconic native plants that have shaped the lives of Australians.
  2. Lilly Pilly Jelly

    Lilly Pilly Jelly
    Lilly pilly trees grow prolifically around Sydney – look out for them in parks, sports fields and hedging along front fences. You can use the same recipe for Rosella Jelly, using the exotic looking calyxes in place of the lilly pilly fruit. The good thing about a jelly is that except for cleaning the fruit thoroughly, to remove any dirt...
  3. Lilly pilly basics

    Lilly pilly basics
    There are so many Lilly Pilles on the market these days that it can be absolutely dizzying trying to choose between them.
  4. 5 Tips to keep your Plants Fighting Fit

    5 Tips to keep your Plants Fighting Fit
    A healthy, happy plant is far less susceptible to pests and diseases, and in a balanced garden pests can often be controlled by their natural predators.
  5. 5 Simple Tips to Make your Vegie Patch a Success

    5 Simple Tips to Make your Vegie Patch a Success
    Never kept a vegie patch before? Check out these simple tips that are perfect for beginner gardeners, so that you can enjoy your home grown endeavours from planting to table!
  6. Bromeliads

    Bromeliads are fascinating plants that come in a variety of foliage colours including green, burgundy, gold, pink, orange and grey. Many bromeliads also produce spectacular flowers in a range of colours and forms. There are 56 genera of bromeliads with Neoregelias, Aechmeas, Billbergias, Tillandsias and the Alcantareas being some of the most popular. Originating from South America, in their natural...
  7. Companion Planting

    Companion Planting
    The right combination of plants will make a big impact on your garden.
  8. February Fungus

    February Fungus
    In Sydney, February and March are generally humid and wet months. While most plants and lawns will thrive with a bit of this muggy humidity, sometimes it’s a little much, and can result in fungal problems. Some plants are more affected than others like turf and edibles. Lawns Fungal issues in lawns usually manifest as little blacks spots. They appear...
  9. Autumn is planting season

    Autumn is planting season
    The secret to a gorgeous spring garden isn’t a planting frenzy in early spring, but right now!
  10. Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees

    Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees
    Planting dwarf fruit trees lets you have more variety in one space and saves you time pruning, with no need for a ladder at harvest time.

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