Justyn Taylor

I started out as a kid helping my granddad in his veggie garden, and decided that gardening was my dream career. I started training as a horticulturalist when I was just 16, and in the last 30 years I’ve worked across a range of garden centres across Sydney, the NSW South Coast, London and Jersey in England’s Channel Islands! I’ve since found my home with Flower Power, and as the company’s dedicated Greenlife Buyer, I travel the country looking far and wide for the best quality plants to range our stores, while helping our customers to solve their gardening problems. I’m also a proud Dad of two beautiful girls, who both love growing their own veggies!

  1. Paradise Pearl

    Paradise Pearl
    Camellia sasanqua Paradise Pearl has dark glossy green leaves and flowers in profusion over a long period throughout the cooler months. Flower buds are pink and open to impressive large white semi-double to double blooms. Paradise Pearl has an attractive, upright, compact growth habit, ideal for hedges and screens up to 4 metres and is suitable for sun or shade. Sasanqua camellias thrive in slightly acidic soil with...
  2. Paradise Sarah

    Paradise Sarah
    Camellia sasanqua Paradise Sarah has small, shiny dark green leaves that create the perfect backdrop for flowers to pop. It flowers freely through autumn with charming and delicate double white blooms which shade to deep pink at the petal margins. With a neat upright growth habit and reaching a height of 4 metres (it can be kept to 2-3 metres if needed) Paradise Sarah is...
  3. Paradise Jessica

    Paradise Jessica
    Paradise Jessica will produce very showy, large double flowers in an attractive mid-pink. You can expect prolific flowering over a long period during autumn and winter and a light prune after flowering should be all that's needed to keep sasanquas neat. Camellia sasanqua Paradise Jessica has dense upright growth to 3 metres making an ideal choice for medium hedges or screens. Sasanqua camellias thrive in...
  4. Paradise Elizabeth

    Paradise Elizabeth
    Camellia sasanqua Paradise Elizabeth produces stunning large, double, informal flowers of deep carmine pink. This new variety will brighten any garden from autumn into winter. Paradise Elizabeth is a vigorous upright and well branched Camellia with a tidy growth habit, making ideal for hedging or pots. It will grow to approximately 3 metres in height. Sasanqua camellias thrive in slightly acidic soil with several buckets of compost and aged...
  5. Multigrafts

    Multigraft trees are a great alternative for small gardens where space is limited as several tree varieties have been grafted to each other. Granny Smith/Jonathan/Golden Delicious Apples Maturity: ‘Granny Smith’ Late season. ‘Jonathan’ Early to mid-season. ‘Golden Delicious’ Mid-season. Suggested Pollinators: Suitable cultivars for cross pollination have been grafted on to the one tree. Comments: Tree grows to 4 x 4m  ...
  6. Autumn and winter garden pests

    Autumn and winter garden pests
    Aphids Green aphids love the tender tips of newly planted pansies, viola and other ornamental seedlings. Also watch out for black aphids that often appear after rain on ornamental shrubs or on the new plant growth of hibiscus, viburnum, murraya, photinia and euonymous that is stimulated after pruning. These pests are a problem because they will distort and weaken new growth...
  7. Protea Little Prince

    Protea Little Prince
    Little Prince is a compact King Protea, reaching 1m in height and selected specially for containers and small gardens. It flowers year round with eye-catching impact and the birds love it. Loves full sun and well drained clay or sandy loams. Withstands light frosts, excellent in containers. A fantastic addition to any garden or patio. Protea Care Plant in well-drained soil. Water well to...
  8. Agapanthus

    Agapanthus are a classic in Sydney and in gardens all around Australia. They're tough as nails when it comes to the Australian climate, yet have lush, green foliage and manage to be soft and pretty too with their balls of flowers borne high on stems above the leaves. To a gardener, they're the perfect low maintenance plant, forming a strappy...
  9. January

    Enjoy some fun in the sun this month, but spare a thought for your garden! Don't forget to summer-proof by topping up mulch and help your garden beat the heat.
  10. February

    It can be a tough time of year for your plants with soaring temperatures doing damage last month and now the rain and sticky humidity rolling in for February, bringing fungal pests with it. Read on for tips of keeping your garden ship-shape!

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