Justyn Taylor

I started out as a kid helping my granddad in his veggie garden, and decided that gardening was my dream career. I started training as a horticulturalist when I was just 16, and in the last 30 years I’ve worked across a range of garden centres across Sydney, the NSW South Coast, London and Jersey in England’s Channel Islands! I’ve since found my home with Flower Power, and as the company’s dedicated Greenlife Buyer, I travel the country looking far and wide for the best quality plants to range our stores, while helping our customers to solve their gardening problems. I’m also a proud Dad of two beautiful girls, who both love growing their own veggies!

  1. Pool-friendly plants

    Pool-friendly plants
    If you're looking to add a new pool to your home, or spruce up the one you've already got, we've got one word for you - greenery! But there are a few tricks to picking the perfect poolside plants. Read on to learn more.   Why pool-friendly plants are important Pool owners all over Australia know that proper landscaping puts...

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