Octavia Jones

I’m an apartment-dwelling plant tragic with a particular passion for indoor and balcony gardening. I love plants so much that I actually studied horticulture just to spend more quality time with them… and also so that I could play in the dirt all day instead of sitting in an office. I love sharing my gardening experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained about my favourite plants. Just don’t ask me for their Latin names, because I don’t remember any of them!

  1. How to create your own terrarium

    How to create your own terrarium
    Terrariums are an enchanting way to display plants in your home and are plenty of fun to create. Like us they come in many shapes and styles so get creative with glassware, pebbles, plant choice and ornaments to embellish your home with your very own bespoke terrarium. 8 steps to create your own terrarium Step 1: Gather your materials Step 1: Gather your materials. What...
  2. Heartbreaker Tomato

    Heartbreaker Tomato
    What's not to love about juicy tomatoes shaped like hearts! The Heartbreaker tomato plant, nick-named “love-apple”, produces delicious cocktail tomatoes with a bright red colour and heart-shaped tip. The skin is soft and the juicy fruit balances sweet and sour perfectly making them a delicious choice for soups and salads or on their own as a healthy snack. Growing tips You can...
  3. Rhubarb

    A little bit about Rhubarb Rhubarb brings out the baker in all of us inspiring the most delicious crumbles, jams and pies. Thanks to it's impressive foliage and thick, red stalks it also looks great in the garden! It's one of the few perennial vegetables so use these growing tips to enjoy home grown deserts for three or four years.   Botanical name: Rheum rhabarbarum Potential...
  4. How to Restore Your Plants After Heavy Rain

    How to Restore Your Plants After Heavy Rain
    After this week's weather your plants may need a little extra TLC.
  5. Cyclamen

    For a beautiful indoor flower display from late autumn through winter, you can't go past cyclamen. Their unique heart-shaped flowers and blooms ranging from white and pink to mauve and red also make them an impressive gift. A little bit about Cyclamen Botanical name: Cyclamen Height: Cyclamen can grow up to 20cm high, but growth will be contained in pots. Cyclamen is...
  6. Adios aphids: how to identify and get rid of aphids

    Adios aphids: how to identify and get rid of aphids
    During warm weather aphids thrive, building up their numbers in preparation for an all-out assault on your tender new growth.
  7. Kangaroo paws

    Kangaroo paws
    Colourful and distinctive, kangaroo paws must be among the most recognised and rewarding native plants to grow. Vibrant flowers perch on long stems adding colour to the garden and attracting birds. They also make excellent cut flowers. These iconic plants deserve a high five for their amazing tolerance to harsh conditions. Native to Western Australia, kangaroo paw are accustomed to very dry summers and...

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