Garden Diary

  1. January

    Enjoy some fun in the sun this month, but spare a thought for your garden! Don't forget to summer-proof by topping up mulch and help your garden beat the heat.
  2. February

    It can be a tough time of year for your plants with soaring temperatures doing damage last month and now the rain and sticky humidity rolling in for February, bringing fungal pests with it. Read on for tips of keeping your garden ship-shape!
  3. March

    The air is turning crisp and cooler days mean it's time to get your hands (or gloves!) dirty in the garden. There are plenty of plants in flower if you need some instant colour, but it's time to plant anything and everything with perfect growing weather over the next few months.
  4. April

    The lingering warmth has everything growing like mad, and gardens are looking lush and green as ever. There are still plenty of gorgeous, colourful plants to add to your garden right now - see below for what's in flower.
  5. May

    It's a lovely time of year at the moment, with warm, sunny days and cool, crisp evenings. It's great gardening weather and your last chance to plant, fertilise and prepare for winter before growth slows down.
  6. June

    As winter starts to settle into the garden, you might be thinking about putting on your slippers, not your gardening boots. But your garden still needs lots of love during the quieter months, and June is the perfect time for planting roses, citrus, and winter veggies, as well as preventing pesky lawn weeds. And don’t forget your pruning tools –...
  7. July

    Brr! It's a wet and chilly month, but when the sun peeks out break out the gumboots and hit the garden!
  8. August

    The first days that herald the arrival of spring will appear some time this month, and with them early bloomers like blossoms, magnolias and hellebores.
  9. September

    Spring has arrived! It's a busy month in the garden but one of the best. Celebrate by getting your hands dirty!
  10. October

    Longer days are signalling that spring is in full swing, and we'd headed into the sunshine-soaked months of spring and summertime fun.

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