The first signs of spring will appear some time this month, and with them early bloomers like magnolias, azaleas and pieris. You can get a head start on the busy spring gardening season now by planting the last of your summer-flowering bulbs, pruning camellias to shape, and fertilising grass for a healthy, vibrant summer lawn.

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What's flowering in Sydney gardens in August?

What to plant in Sydney gardens in August

Which plants to feed in August

  • Fertilise citrus with specially formulated citrus food if you didn't do this in July. Your next biannual feed will be in February.
  • It's your very last chance to treat colour-changing hydrangeas with a blueing compound if you want blue flowers in December. We recommend Yates Hydrangea Blueing Liquid Aluminium Sulfate. Remember - white hydrangeas will always stay white, but blue/purple and red/pink hues are interchangeable with some clever soil conditioning in winter!
  • Feed roses with a complete rose food to help the developing buds and new spring growth. Mulch with lucerne.

Which plants to prune in August

  • Prune camellias to shape if necessary after flowering.
  • Finish pruning winter-flowering roses.
  • It's time to remove unsightly frost damage on plants, but only if there is no chance of further frosts in your area.

Garden pests, weeds and diseases to look out for in August

  • Spray and feed all citrus and rose bushes after pruning with lime sulphur, to prevent scale on trunks and branches.
  • Keep watch for aphids on new growth and buds.
  • Slugs and snails are looking for tasty veggies, bulbs and flowering seedlings so protect them with snail pellets such as Multiguard. Always use in accordance with package instructions.
  • Hungry caterpillars are on the hunt. Keep them away with Dipel or Success Ultra.


August's general garden and lawn care tasks

  • Fertilise lawns in preparation for spring growth.
  • Spray lawns for bindii.
  • Repot your indoor plants. Here's your step-by-step guide.
  • Remove any brown or shrivelled fronds from indoor ferns.
  • Regularly water azaleas to extend blooming. Avoid wetting the flowers as this spreads petal blight.
  • Try not to over-water flowers as this will cause rot. Click here for a note from your plants on watering.


Your August garden centre shopping list