Brr, it's a wet and chilly month, and while the garden goes into hibernation, you can use this downtime to prune your wisteria and deciduous fruit trees, plant bulbs and natives, and even start treating bindii in preparation for spring lawn growth.

Flowering Now

  • Trees and shrubs: Banksia, camellia, coral tree, daphne, diosma, lavender, Geraldton wax, grevillea, hakea, leptospermum, magnolia, poinsettia, rosemary, strelitzia, viburnum, wattles, and beautiful flowering apricot, peach and quince.
  • Annuals and perennials: Calendula, hellebore, poppy, kalanchoe, mignonette, pansy, polyanthus, stock, sweet pea, viola and violet, wallflower, zygocactus.
  • Bulbs: Clivia, cyclamen, daffodil, hyacinth, jonquil, snowflakes.
  • Climbers: Banksia rose, orange trumpet vine.

July in the garden


  • Flowers: Alyssum, violet, calendula, iberis candytuft.
  • Trees and shrubs: Potted fruit trees. Plant natives such as banksia, grevilleas, hakea, wattle and callistemon (bottlebrush) to attract birds to your garden.
  • Bulbs: Agapanthus, Arum lily, calla lily, bearded iris, gladiolus, hippeastrum, lilium, spider lily.
  • Vegetables: Beetroot, broad beans, carrot, lettuce (winter varieties), onion, parsnip, peas, radish, rhubarb (crowns), rocket, shallots, silver beet, spinach, tomato.


  • Winter-blooming annuals will benefit from Miracle-Gro MaxFeed All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food.
  • Feed citrus towards the end of the month.


  • Prune repeat flowering roses and deciduous fruit trees, wisteria, crepe myrtle and grapevines.
  • Avoid pruning spring-flowering, deciduous shrubs and flowering fruit trees that are grown for their blossoms.
  • Leave pruning frost-affected plants until frost has finished. Frost affected leaves, while they may look ugly, actually protect any new growth coming through underneath.

July jobs

Pests and Diseases

  • For the fruit lovers, spray your fruit trees against leaf curl with a lime sulphur or copper fungicide before buds begin to swell. It’s too late when flowers begin to open.
  • Apply Bin-Die now to kill bindii in lawns before the burr develops. Bin-Die will also control oxalis, clover and other broadleaf weeds.
  • After pruning roses, spray with Rose Shield for mealy bug and scale, and use Lime Sulphur for fungal disease and scale.

General garden care

  • Keep azaleas and camellias well watered to ensure prolonged flowering.
  • Try not to over-water as this will cause rot.
  • Remove all dead heads from your bulbs and annuals, as this will promote more flowers

Buy now

  • Bare-rooted fruit trees
  • Native plants
  • Liquid fertilisers such as Thrive
  • Bin-Die
  • Zaleton
  • Vegetable dust