Longer days are finally here, and the garden is bursting with growth. Conditions are perfect for planting summer veggies like tomato, lettuce, capsicum and sweet corn, and if you're thinking about laying a new lawn, you should do it now before the summer heat arrives.

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What's flowering in Sydney gardens in October?

What to plant in the garden in October

Which plants to feed in the garden in October

Which plants to prune in the garden in October

  • For spring annuals that are beginning to fade, pick off dying blooms to help new ones form! You can also deadhead your proteas and leucadendrons now to extend their floral display.
  • Just bought a citrus tree? Remove all its little fruit. This diverts the plant’s energy into growing roots and leaves for a stronger tree. Click here for more citrus care advice for every season.
  • Deadhead roses to encourage a new flower flush. Learn more about year-round rose care here.
  • Trim grevillea and bottlebrush after blooming.
  • Prune spring-flowering peach and other prunus as soon as petals finish dropping, but before substantial shoot growth has occurred. Do not prune edible peach trees this month.
  • Cut back lean and straggly azaleas after they’ve finished flowering.
  • To keep them compact, lightly prune native shrubs after flowering. Click here for more native plant care advice.
  • Control creepers, like jasmine and wisteria, by cutting back unruly canes. Click here for more pruning advice.


Garden pests, weeds and diseases to look out for in October

General garden and lawn care in October

  • Feed your lawn if you didn’t last month, or plant a new lawn from seed in October.
  • Well-established lawns should be growing very happily this month, so it’s time to start mowing regularly. Only ever cut the top 1/3 of your lawn to leave it looking lush and healthy. For more spring lawn care advice, click here.
  • Repot your indoor and outdoor potted plants if necessary (here's a handy guide!) and feed them with a slow-release fertiliser. Take them outside and give them a good watering with the hose to remove any dust from the leaves.

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