From the stylish rubber plant to the lush rhapis palm, these 10 green and gorgeous plants are the kind of houseguests that will always be welcome in your home.


1. Sansevieria

The almost un-killable Sansevieria thrives on neglect, making it perfect for the forgetful gardener.

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Fiddle leaf fig

2. Fiddle-leaf fig

Ficus lyrata

This handsome, stylish plant with fiddle-shaped, deep green leaves is happiest in a brightly-lit spot.

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Umbrella plant3. Umbrella plants


With the right care, in just one growing season this long-living plant can easily become your tallest green house guest.

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Rhapis-palm4. Rhapis palm

Rhapis excels

With its bamboo-like stems and fan-shaped fronds, this small palm will add a lush look to your home.

Discover the 8 secrets to a happy palm here.

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Zanzibar5. Zanzibar Gem

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

This almost indestructible indoor plant thrives on neglect and only needs to be watered four times a year.

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Spider-plant6. Spider plant

Anthericum comosum

For a plant that's easy to care for and great at removing toxins from the air, try this stripey number.

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Peperomia7. Peperomia

This small and delightful houseplant will pt up with the low-light spots in your home.

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Rubber Tree8. Rubber plant

Ficus elastica

As 2017's 'it' plant, this beautiful, glossy-leaved specimen is guaranteed to give your home instant style.

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Monstera9. Monstera

Monstera deliciosa

Thanks to its striking foliage, this South American native is also known as a Swiss cheese plant.

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Philodendron Rojo Congo10. Philodendron Rojo Congo

A lush ornamental plant with generous, glossy leaves that loves to be pot-bound and in a sunny spot.