Roses are some of the most romantic and classically beautiful flowers we grow in the garden, but the number of choices can be mind boggling. Choosing a colour is a great place to start, but it's important to select a rose with a habit that suits your situation too.

Use the following as a guide when choosing your perfect rose:

Mr Lincoln, a red Hybrid Tea.

Climbers and ramblers are tall-growing roses that need support - which makes them perfect for covering a strong metal frame, pergola or arbour. They'll need to be tied to the support structure and pruned to encourage their upright forms.

Floribunda roses combine the beauty of Hybrid Tea blooms with a profusion of flowers. They tend to be smaller, bushier and less prone to sprawling than other varieties. Blooms appear in clusters.

Hybrid Tea
Hybrid Teas come in a wide range of colours, with attractive buds and good disease resistance (which is very helpful in our humid climate!).

Patio Standard
A Patio Standard rose is one which has been grown and trimmed into the shape of a ball resting above a single stem, usually 60cm tall. They look fabulous in formal gardens and are a great way to add roses that look instantly established.

Best Friend, a deep pink Hybrid Tea.

Our rose varieties

At Flower Power, we have a vast range of varieties in all colours, ready to beautify your garden.

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