The October long weekend is ideal for getting things done around the house and garden - that extra day seems to do us a world of good. But when you've got a lot to do, where do you start? We've broken it down into easy chunks - so whether you have five minutes or a whole three-day weekend to spare, you can find a task to do.

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If you have five minutes...

Mulching is a quick task with many benefits.

Mulch your garden beds.

Mulching is a really quick task that has many benefits - it helps to suppress weed growth, keeps soil cool and helps to retain moisture through the warmer, drier months. Plus, as an organic mulch breaks down it adds nutrients right back into the soil, feeding your plants for you. With all this going for it, why not take a couple of minutes to mulch this weekend? There are lots of mulches out there, so if you need help picking the right one for your garden, we suggest you check out this helpful article for all you need to know about mulching. You can also pop in-store and chat to one of our friendly horts about what's going to best suit your plants!


Lemons in terracotta pots.

Feed your hungry citrus.

Citrus plants have needs that are a little more specialised than your average plant, and if you want to promote growth and fruiting, it pays to get their care needs right. If your citrus plants are in pots, we suggest Osmocote Plus Trace Elements Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs, but for in-ground trees, our top recommendation is Amgrow Naturals Citrus, Berry & Fruit Plant Food.





A fertiliser spreader is a great way to ensure your whole lawn is fed.

Fertilise your lawn.

Encourage strong growth and lush, green foliage in your lawn with a nice spring feed. In these dry conditions, we recommend you use Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser. The included soil wetting agent will help your soil soak up moisture and your lawn's roots take up more nutrients, while the slow-release fertiliser will ensure your lawn looks great for up to three months.






If you have two hours...

Petunia Million Bells.

Top up on flowering colour.

Garden beds looking a little drab? Put aside a couple of hours to plant some colourful flowering annuals to give your home and garden an immediate facelift. Our favourites at this time of year are marigolds, snapdragons and petunias. The best thing? You can also use versatile flowering annuals to underplant in large pots or potted gardens, or to create a cheery arrangement on an outdoor table or at your front entrance!






Take care of your indoor plants.

Perform an indoor plant overhaul.

If you're an indoor gardener, now's your opportunity to give your plant babies a real treat! Take them all outside to an area that's under cover or in shade, and give them a good hose down to clean the foliage of any dust that may have accumulated. You can also use this opportunity to give them a good, deep watering, allowing the water to soak through the pot and drain away before taking your plant back to its indoor home. For an extra boost, add Powerfeed All-Purpose Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner Concentrate to your watering can. Once your plant is drained and happily back inside, go over the leaves with a soft cloth and give them a spritz with Yates Leaf Shine Spray to keep them looking their best!



A handful of home-grown tomatoes.

Start growing your own tomatoes.

No matter where you live, and no matter how much or how little space you have, this is a task you can definitely accomplish. There are plenty of tomato varieties out there that will grow just as happily in a patio pot as they will in the ground, provided they get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Ready to start growing (and eating!) your own tomatoes? Click here to learn about some of our stocked varieties, plus some tips on planting and growing your crop.





If you have one day...

A DIY herb garden in a wine barrel.

Start a potted herb garden.

Want to add a fresh zing to your cooking? Growing your own herbs is really simple and can be done in a pot or a window box. Here's how you can do it in 6 simple steps:

  1. Choose your container. This depends entirely on the space you have and the look you want to achieve. In a narrow space, you might want to use multiple small pots, which will also help you keep your herbs separated. In a larger space, you can go for broke by planting a mix of herbs in one or a few large containers - we love wine barrels for this!
  2. Select your herb seedlings. This will all depend on what you're most likely to use, and what's in season. Our spring favourites are rosemary, basil and coriander.
  3. Fill with soil. Using our favourite Supersoil Professional Herb & Vegie Potting and Planting Mix, fill your chosen container almost up to the top. This mix is designed specifically to give herbs and vegies the nutrition they need to thrive.
  4. Plant your seedlings. Remove your seedlings from their pots or punnets and tease out their roots gently before planting into the soil mix.
  5. Top it off. Fill the remainder of your chosen container with more potting mix.
  6. Feed and water. Help your herbs settle in with a nice, deep watering, using a seaweed solution like Amgrow Seaweed Concentrate. Bonus - follow it up 1 week later with an application of Amgrow Organix Harvest to really get them going!


Perform a front door makeover.

If you want a quick and simple way to update your home, why not spruce up your front entry? It's the one part of your home that every visitor is guaranteed to see, so it's a great way to make an impression. Here are a few things you can grab at Flower Power to make an impact...

Welcome guests with our 'Welcome Rainbow' doormat!
  • Door mat. A quirky door mat is a great way to set the tone and welcome visitors into your home while also keeping things neat and tidy. Click here to view our current range, with a design to suit every home!







A large Licuala in the FP Collection Harrington Egg in Smoke.
  • Statement pot + plant combo. The first step here is to choose the perfect pot. Keep in mind the size of the space you're working with, and also the style of your home - both of these factors will dictate the type of pot you need. You can browse our extensive range of durable outdoor pots here.
    Once you've settled on a pot, you can choose a plant to match. While there's a whole world of foliage for you to choose from, we have a couple of tried and tested plant suggestions based on your front door's aspect (not all plants like all conditions!). If your front door experiences full shade, some high-impact options for you to try include a fiddle-leaf fig, an umbrella plant, a spathiphyllum sensation or a palm - if you want something short, try an atrovirens or a rhapis palm, or for something taller, a kentia or golden cane. If, however, your front door receives either partial or full sun, you can try topiary standards including lilly pillies, ficus and azaleas, a quirky succulent or cactus, a camellia sasanqua or a rhaphiolepis.



Drip irrigation can save you time, water and money.

Install drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation is a method of saving water, money and time. How, you ask? Drip irrigation works by slowly dripping small amounts of water directly into the root zone of your plants. It means that your plants are always getting the right amount of water, with little to no wastage. Investing a day at the start to install your new drip irrigation system means that in the long haul, you'll save time because you won't have to tend to your garden as often; you'll save money, because you won't be wasting water; and the water you're no longer wasting can be conserved for more useful purposes. Have a browse of our irrigation systems online here, but remember, every garden is different, and what works for one might not necessarily work for all. We recommend you pop in-store and have a chat to our expert team about creating the perfect drip irrigation solution to suit your space.




If you have all weekend...

Build a vegie patch this long weekend.

Plant a veggie patch.

Make your garden work for you with a productive, edible crop. Now's the time to plant summer veggies including beetroot, capsicum, chilli, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, pumpkin, radish, spring onion, squash, sweet corn, tomato and zucchini. As a bonus, it's a family activity you can get the kids to join in on, and it might just encourage them to eat more veggies! Not sure where to start? Click here for a comprehensive guide.




Restyle your interiors.

This spring, interior decorating is all about the breezy, retro-tropical vibe, with generous helpings of foliage and natural textures including timber, jute and cane against airy white backdrops. Here are a few ways you can refresh your home for spring without breaking the bank...

New cushions are ideal for updating your interior.
  • Redecorate your lounge. A new cushion combo is a quick and simple way to infuse your lounge with seasonal tones, layers of texture and a comfy, cosy feel. Patterned, printed, plain, textured, tasselled - at Flower Power we have a wide range of cushions to suit every space. Browse them here.







Cluster candles together with other decorative pieces for extra styling value.
  • Scent your space. A scented candle can change the entire atmosphere of a room with minimal effort. Check out our extensive home fragrance range here, including pillars, jar candles, tealights and diffusers.







Make a statement with our Hayman Hanging Wall Art.
  • Get arty. Feel like your walls are letting your space down? A standout canvas, print, textile, grass or metallic piece will help to add some personality to your walls and tie them in with the rest of your decor. To see our extensive range, click here.







A throw can change the feel of a room instantly.
  • Bedroom refresh. You'd be surprised at how quickly a fresh throw and cushion scatter can change the vibe of any space, but particularly your bedroom, which can sometimes be a little neglected. Treat yourself to something nice! Check out our stylish throws here.







Want gorgeous indoor pots and plants? We've got plenty.
  • Add some green life. Have a sad or dull space in your home that needs a bit of a pep-up? A new pot and plant combo is just what the doctor ordered. Aside from our huge collection of indoor plants, we also have Sydney's widest range of gorgeous indoor pots, sourced by our expert buyers so there's one to suit every home. Click here to browse the range!







Create a new outdoor entertaining area.

As warm weather approaches, we all want to be outside soaking up the sunshine - and with the festive season around the corner, what better time than now to get your outdoor entertaining area in shape? If you've got an established area, a little bit of love will make the world of difference, but you could also use your weekend to create a whole new vibe. Here's how...

Tidy your pavers with Wet & Forget.
  • Clean your pavers. You'd be surprised at the mould, mildew and moss your tiles can accumulate over the course of a year without you even noticing. Give them a once-over with Wet & Forget -  you'll be thrilled with the results!







Perform some DIY paving.
  • Re-evaluate your space. With space at a premium, it pays to think about how you're using your garden. Have an under-utilised zone? Transform it into a practical, usable space with some DIY paving. It doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming, either - click here for our complete guide to DIY paving.






Flower Power's Palm Cove 6 Seater Dining Setting in White.
  • Make it inviting. Once your space is finished, clean and ready to go, it's time to fill it with comfy and stylish outdoor furniture. But how do you choose the right piece for the space you have? We've done the legwork for you. Click here for 5 tips on choosing the perfect outdoor furniture for your space.
    Ready to make your choice? Click here to view our latest furniture catalogue!






Plant styling is very important in an outdoor entertaining area.
  • The finishing touches. No beautifully-styled outdoor living space is complete without some plant life, whether it's a small plant on the coffee table or a cluster of large, statement potted plants next to the lounge. As always, it's important to consider the space you have when choosing pots, and its sunlight exposure when selecting plants. Click here for our guide to choosing the best plants for outdoor pots.







Inspired to get moving this long weekend? Don't forget to share pictures of your projects with us! We're on Facebook and Instagram at @flowerpowergardencentres.