Companion planting is becoming a normal part of the way we think about planting for optimal results.

By choosing the right combination of plants and planting them together you can potentially improve taste, increase your yield or provide a natural defence against pests ranging from nematodes to rodents!

Some of our favourite companions are:

  • Basil will repel flies and mosquitoes, including pesky fruit fly, making it great to plant with tomatoes – it can also improve their taste.
  • Catnip repels fleas, ants and rodents, making it great for many plants, as well as the cat!
  • Sunflowers planted with corn will increase the yield, as well as attract the ants away from your corn crop.
  • Chives planted under roses will keep aphids and blackspot at bay.
  • Plant dill with cabbage and cauliflower. It will attract a wasp that preys on Cabbage White Butterfly.
  • Rosemary is great coupled with carrots, as it repels carrot fly.
  • Plant French marigolds near most vegetables as it kills root knot nematodes and eel worm.
  • Garlic will deter aphids, especially on raspberries or roses.
  • Plant nasturtiums near your leafy vegetables such as lettuce – caterpillars heading to devour your lettuce will be distracted by the irresistible nasturtium, and snack on it instead.

Not all neighbours are good neighbours though! Don’t plant dill or celery near your carrots, they release a substance that discourages growth.