A little bit about Daphne Perfume Princess

Exquisitely scented, bursting with big blooms and a breeze to care for. It’s easy to see why Daphne Perfume Princess was crowned 2016’s Plant of the Year. You too can enjoy this award-winning plant, especially mid-winter to spring, when blush-pink flowers (later fading to white) fill the air with a heady, slightly citrus scent. You'll also be pleased to know Perfume Princess is the earliest and longest flowering of all daphne varieties. Generous clusters of blooms grow down the stem and when not flowering, you’ll have an upright, evergreen shrub with rich glossy foliage.

Botanical name: Daphne odora x bholua

Potential height: 1.2 metres width: 1 metre

Ideal spot: Perfume Princess likes a frost-free spot with good drainage. Unlike many other daphne varieties, Perfume Princess is happy in full sun or part-shade. Perfume Princess is happiest in slightly acidic soil but will tolerate most soils. If you have heavy clay soil, add compost or bark before planting to help with drainage.

Where to grow Perfume Princess: It’s perfect for containers or in the garden or both! Make the most of its sweet scent by planting it near a window, doorway or path. Perfume Princess makes a great cut flower too.

When does it bloom? Once established, Daphne Perfume Princess will flower from mid-winter to spring. It’s also known to spot flower in summer too.

Caring tips

How to prepare for planting?

When growing in a container, allow a minimum of 45 centimetres in width and use a quality potting mix.


Add a handful of slow-release fertiliser after flowering.


Pruning isn’t necessary, but if you like you can lightly prune it to shape after flowering.


Perfume Princess is pest-resistant.


Perfume Princess needs little watering.