Mix it up this Valentine's Day with a gift oozing fun and personality. Potted plants make wonderful gifts and with a few special touches your Valentine won't be able to resist planting one on you!

A gorgeous, ready-to-go gift

1. Hello petal

Phalaenopsis orchids are sure to impress with their grace and stunning flowers.

We have a range of ready-made phalaenopsis orchids available instore in layered, terrarium style vessels. These potted gifts present well and can be personalised with a cute message on a plant tag.

Shopping list

    1. Potted phalaenopsis orchid from the Living Trends range.
    2. Plant label. This is optional but the message personalises your gift and adds a good dose of fun. We used a 127mm white plant label as they will last with watering but you could also use a pop stick.


Pretty as a petal

How to create your orchid gift

  1. Simply write a message on your tag (some suggestions are: 'hello petal' or 'your love helps me grow') and pop it into the pot. Hello gorgeous and easy gift!



2. My life would suc without you

Living Trends Succulent Bowl

Love for succulent plants just keeps growing and with amazing colours, a huge range to select from and uber low-care needs why wouldn't they!

Succulent bowls are a great gift idea when different varieties are arranged into a stylish pot - like a longer term flower arrangement. You can select individual plants to create your own or pick up one of our ready made succulent bowls.

Make your own option

Shopping list

  1. Succulent plants. How many you need will depend on the pot but because succulents are so hardy and have low water needs you can plant them quite tightly together. Style tip - go with odd numbers. Smaller arrangements can be created with three plants and go up from there. We tend to find even numbers can look too symmetrical for this type of florist style arrangement.
  2. Pot. Succulents don't need much room so don't go too big. Do pick a pot with a drainage hole though because succulents hate wet feet.
  3. Succulent or cactus potting mix.
  4. Perlite.
  5. Small pebbles.
  6. Plant label.
  7. Raffia - optional.
  8. Card. Choose from a range of cards instore from just $1.50.

How to create your own succulent bowl gift

  1. In a large tub mix your succulent potting mix with perlite. Perlite helps keep the mix light and free draining. The ratio should be about 50/50.
  2. Spread a layer of your mix on the base of the pot so that when you place the potted succulent plants on top they sit with the base of the plants just below the rim.
  3. Arrange your individual plants on top while still in their plastic pots while you perfect your design.
  4. Once happy with your layout take one plant at a time out of the plastic and into your gift pot then fill in the gaps with more of your potting mix.
  5. Give your bowl a light watering.
  6. Place a layer of small pebbles on top of the potting mix.
  7. Write your message on a plant label and position on the potting mix. Ta-dah!

Ready-made option

Shopping list

  1. Succulent bowl from our Living Trends range.
  2. Plant label.
  3. Raffia - optional.
  4. Card.

Add a personal touch to your ready-made gift

  1. Write your message on a plant label and position on the potting mix.
  2. You can also add a bow around the pot with ribbon or raffia if, like us, your Valentine loves an earthy look.


3. Aloe, Aloe

Add a cheeky tag to a potted Aloe plant for the perfect gift for a first date or someone new on the scene. There are a range of Aloe varieties to choose from and pots to suit every style.

Pot up an Aloe plant to make your own fun gift

Shopping list

  1. Aloe vera plant. We chose an Aloe mitriformis in a 110mm pot.
  2. Pot. Select a pot that suits the plant size. You want to pick one that the plant will comfortably slip into so it's not crowded but is small enough so that it still shows off the plant. We've used a classic White Tripoli Pot in Small.
  3. Plant label.

How to create your Aloe, Aloe gift

  1. Gently remove the Aloe plant from it's plastic pot by placing your fingers around it's base for support and turning upside down.
  2. Remove the plastic pot and pop the Aloe plant into your gift pot. Top up with succulent and cactus potting mix if needed and give a light water.
  3. Write up your message on the plant label then position in the potting mix and you've got your Valentine's Day gift sorted.


4. Looking sharp!

Cactus plants are on trend and quirky making them a fun gift choice for plant lovers. With a huge range to choose from you can go small and spiky-sweet or choose a statement cactus and pot for a gift that's really on-point!

Give a quirky cactus

Shopping list

  1. Cactus plant.
  2. Pot. The easiest, spike-free option is to select a pot that the plant slips into while it remains in it's plastic pot so you don't need to re-pot. This also means you can remove the cactus when watering so it drains easily. We went with a quirky bright red pot for our 55mm cactus and a Large Tao pot for our 15cm cactus plant.
  3. Potting mix. If you do select a pot that is slightly larger than the cactus size you'll need to re-pot into your gift pot. Choose a cactus potting mix as it is coarse and free draining.
  4. Plant label.
  5. Raffia - optional.
  6. Card.


Size doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.

How to create your cactus gift

  1. If you don't need to re-pot slip the plastic cactus pot carefully into your gift pot. If you do need to re-pot we suggest wearing gloves to protect your hands.
  2. Write up your message on the plant label then position in the potting mix.
  3. Some pots look great with a bow added so try ribbon or for a natural look use raffia.



5. Lettuce grow together

Those who garden together stay together

For serious gardening relationships a gift pack ticks a lot of boxes. Thoughtful plus it encourages an activity you can share and enjoy together!

We chose a mix of summer lettuce seedlings as it made our tag extra fun - 'Lettuce grow together'. If you want to give a different seedling you can go for the 'Let's grow together' message or 'My love grows for you each day'.

Shopping list

  1. Seedlings. We chose two different lettuce varieties to add colour.
  2. Growing container. We used an Elho Basics Growing Tray and Saucer. You could also plant into a nice pot, bowl or wine barrel.
  3. Quality potting mix suitable for growing herbs and vegetables.
  4. Gardening accessories. We chose the Zinc Black 4l Watering Can and a fun pair of gloves.
  5. Plant label.

How to create your garden gift

  1. Fill your growing tray or pot with a layer of potting mix.
  2. Remove the seedlings from their plastic pots and position on top of the mix so that the base of the seedlings sit just below the container rim.
  3. Fill in the gaps with potting mix and water the seedlings.
  4. Write up your message on the plant label then position in the potting mix.
  5. Present your gift in a crate or gift box (available at home discount stores).