Whether it's a cactus, snake plant or the cool-sounding dragon tree, this Father's Day show dad he’s the greatest with one of these five plant picks.



1. Cactus


For a plant that’s as hardy and low-care as dad, choose a cactus. These slow-growing desert dwellers are unique thanks to their prickly suit of armour - and while it’s true cacti are troopers and have a built-in tolerance to extreme drought, they still need the occasional watering. Dad can grow his cacti indoors or in the garden, as long as it gets plenty of sun. But if dad forgets from time to time, it’ll carry on without complaint. Learn more about cactus care.

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2. Dragon Tree

Dracaena Draco

What dad wouldn’t love to be gifted a plant with a cool name like dragon tree? While the name of this otherworldly plant may sound like something out of Game of Thrones, the dragon tree actually originates from the Spanish island of Tenerife (which could be argued is just as exciting). As a tree capable of living for centuries, one thing we can all agree on is that the dragon tree is one hardy plant. Learn more about dracaenas.

Father's Day

Father's Day

3. Jade plant

Crassula ovata

Also known as a money or lucky plant, this Father’s Day skip the scratchie and bring dad luck in the form of a jade plant. You’re welcome, dad! This popular plant produces fleshy, glossy leaves and dad can enjoy its positive vibes potted up inside or planted in the garden. As a hardy succulent, the jade plant has just two main requests for a healthy, long life - water and plenty of light. Learn more about caring for succulents.


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Father's Day

4. Snake plant


Dad will love the almost un-killable nature of the snake plant as much as he’ll love its other common name - mother-in-law’s tongue. Ouch. Easy to grow and tolerant of life indoors, the snake plant is a model house guest. It thrives on neglect (green thumbs not required) and with its striking, hard and upright foliage, offers a twist on the usual greenery. Learn more about sansevierias.


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Father's Day

5. Cast iron plant

Aspidistra elatior

If dad fancies himself as a bit of an iron man, give him a plant to match. Almost indestructible, this plant is perfect for adding life and lush, large foliage to an otherwise dull and dreary spot inside or out. No sunlight? No worries! As a native of the dark forest floors of Japan's Osumi Islands, you won't get any complaints from this fellow. Discover more foliage plants for shade.