Considering a Flower Power Garden Care franchise as your next career step? Hear what it's really like, from people who've already made the jump successfully. Read our franchisees' stories, in their own words...

Charles Baga

Flower Power Garden Care franchisee, Seven Hills area

"My partner, Craig, and I come from backgrounds completely outside of the garden industry. I studied a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) in the Philippines, and then a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems) here in Australia before embarking on a corporate sales career spanning real estate residential, IT and travel insurance sales. Craig had worked as a nurse at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick for 20 years. When I finished my last role, we began searching for business options we could pursue together. He's crazy about plants and pots, and as members of Flower Power's Garden Lovers Club, we already knew what a great company it was. When we discovered Flower Power's Garden Care franchising opportunity, we didn't think twice about taking the next step. It represented a great option for Craig's transition to retirement (in fact, Craig continued his nursing work while we started the franchise), and a viable option to invest in for our future. With our shared love of the outdoors and keen interest in plants, we also knew that implementing garden and landscaping projects would be a great outlet for our creativity.

My previous career never really provided the financial stability or career prospects that I craved. I also often found that the pressure of my work left me with a lack of inner peace. Working in gardens, and spending our days outdoors in nature, has provided both Craig and I with the satisfaction of leaving others happy. For every job we finish, we gain great pleasure knowing that we have done something good for somebody else -a feeling that I've never experienced in my previous roles. Both of us enjoy being a part of different gardens, whether by maintaining their beautiful looks or leaving our own creative mark through landscaping projects.

Working with Flower Power has provided us with great learning opportunities across in the horticultural and landscaping fields that we never would have found elsewhere. These opportunities have been incredibly valuable as we carry the learnings into our everyday lives and share them with friends and family. Flower Power has also given us a community that we consider family in many respects. Ryan Yates, Flower Power's Garden Care & Trade Manager, has provided us with support in every part of our journey, and continues to assist us in any way we need. He shows genuine care in how he deals with us and our franchise.

If you're considering starting a Garden Care franchise with Flower Power, all we can say is 'take that next step'. Simply make a phone call or approach the staff, start a conversation and ask away. There are plenty of things to learn along the way, but once you have taken that first step, you'll know that you have the right people around you to make the decision an easy one."

Charles Baga, Flower Power Garden Care franchisee in the Seven Hills area.


Bettina Kelly

Flower Power Garden Care franchisee, Balmain area

"I have always had a strong interest in gardening and garden design, and most weekends included a trip to Flower Power's Enfield Garden Centre. I often joked around that I spent so much time there, they should give me a job - and one day, after over 20 years working in the People & Culture space, the timing felt right to explore this interest a bit further.

As a Flower Power Garden Care franchisee, I gain great enjoyment from the variety of the work, the opportunity to learn new skills and the steady stream of new people I get to meet. You do need to be prepared to work hard, and be realistic that working in the middle of a hot summer's day can be exhausting. There are also days when you may not be able to work as the weather just doesn't allow it, as we've experienced with recent downpours. The benefits far outweigh the negatives, though, and I find it incredibly fulfilling working with clients to transform their gardens, and sharing in the excitement of making their garden dreams come true. I also love the problem-solving aspect of being able to troubleshoot issues that my clients encounter with their plants, lawns and gardens. Other aspects of the business that I've found really enjoyable have been working on large projects with other franchisees and installing custom garden designs prepared by Flower Power's expert garden designers. These type of jobs have enabled me to create a great network.

There's so much flexilibility to a Flower Power Garden Care franchise, and you really can mould the business to be exactly what you want. Some franchisees have really expanded their businesses to the point where they employ others, or if you prefer to work alone and keep it small, then you can do that. Since starting my business, I've completed a Certificate III in Horticulture and I'm now studying a Diploma in Landscape Design at Ryde TAFE while continuing to grow my franchise business.

Through my franchising journey, the Flower Power team has been amazing. The Garden Care team is always on hand to provide support. I received very focused on-the-job training in the first three months, and following that, Ryan has always been available to answer questions over the phone. If I am working on a job or skill that's new to me, I know that I can always get some assistance and training to deliver a professional outcome for my clients. The team at my local store have also been a fantastic support to get my hands on the plants, landscape supplies and plant advice that I need."

Bettina Kelly, Flower Power Garden Care franchisee in the Balmain area.


Francois Simonet

Flower Power Garden Care franchisee, Cronulla area

"I had worked in the corporate sector for many years making other people profitable and successful. I felt it was time to make a change and start reaping the rewards of my own hard work.

Well-maintained gardens have always been my passion, and when I decided to change careers, I did plenty of research. Flower Power Garden Care ticked all the right boxes for me.

I've now been a franchisee for 4 years. My Flower Power Garden Care franchise offers me the flexibility I crave - I can work hard when I need to, while taking advantage of a great work/life balance. As a result I get to spend more time with my family, which I find incredibly valuable.

I enjoy the diversity of work that my Garden Care franchise offers, from everyday garden maintenance to full garden makeovers. No two days are alike, and because of this I've had the opportunity to learn more and expand my skillset.

The Flower Power network, including the office staff, garden centres, wholesale nursery and logistics team, has provided me with professional advice and support every step of the way. I feel it's given me all the tools I need to be successful.

All in all, my work as a Flower Power Garden Care franchisee gives me great satisfaction. It's extremely rewarding when customers are grateful and pleased with my work."

Francois Simonet, Flower Power Garden Care franchisee in the Cronulla area.


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