What's not to love about juicy tomatoes shaped like hearts!

The Heartbreaker tomato plant, nick-named “love-apple”, produces delicious cocktail tomatoes with a bright red colour and heart-shaped tip. The skin is soft and the juicy fruit balances sweet and sour perfectly making them a delicious choice for soups and salads or on their own as a healthy snack.

Growing tips

You can grow the Heartbreaker tomato indoors or out but as long as it's in full sun for most of the day to produce lots of yummy fruit.

The plant can grow to approximately 50cm tall and spread up to 40cm wide making it a great choice for pots. We've found a 14cm pot is the perfect size.

To sustain flowering and fruiting feed your plant with a complete soluble fertiliser like Brunnings Tomato Food fortnightly along with a slow release fertiliser every month.

Pests and diseases to watch for

The Heartbreaker tomato has good resistance to disease. If snails are a problem then sprinkle Multiguard pellets around the base and be on the lookout for hungry little caterpillars to pick off.

If you're growing tomatoes in your vegie patch each year remember to use crop rotation to avoid the build up of pests and diseases common among tomato plants.

When to pick?

When the tomato looks ripe don't be tempted right away. Give them another week for the full flavour to develop and you won't be sorry!