Got a fiddle leaf fig problem? You've come to the right place. Our expert Garden People have put together solutions to the most asked-about fiddle leaf fig common problems and issues - they know exactly how to fix your fiddle leaf fig. Put their advice to good use and we're sure you'll have a happy fiddle leaf fig in no time at all!

First things first - do you know how to care for your fiddle leaf fig properly? Check out our simple 5-step guide here to nail the basics.


Fiddle leaf fig: Common problems and how to fix your fiddle leaf fig

This fiddle leaf fig has dry, browning foliage.

The edges of my leaves are going brown.

Your plant is probably thirsty! If you're following the advice above and this is still an issue, your soil may be repelling water. Try submerging the pot fully in a large container of water, such as a tub, sink or bath, to give it a thorough soaking. No access to a container big enough? No worries! Simply take it outside and drench the mix really well. You can also apply a soil wetting agent such as Saturaid to help the mix absorb water. If all else fails, repot with fresh potting mix.


The floppy, wilting foliage on this fiddle leaf fig indicates an underlying problem.

My leaves are sad, floppy and wilting.

This can be a sign of either over or underwatering. A soil moisture meter will help you get your watering just right. If you're think you've nailed your watering schedule (click here for details!) and you're still having this problem, check that your pot has good drainage and nothing is blocking the holes. If your plant's roots have grown through the drainage holes, or you have a clump of potting mix stopping water draining, it could be that water is staying in the pot for too long and causing root rot, leading to your floppy foliage situation.


This fiddle leaf fig is very happy living in a humid bathroom.

My leaves have brown spots in the middle, or they're falling off the plant entirely.

This might be a sign of too much or too little water, but it could also be due to a lack of humidity in the air. If you're sure your watering schedule is spot on, try moving your plant to a different location away from draughts, air conditioners and heaters which can all suck the humidity out of the air - bathrooms tend to be great spots if you have the space, as they have plenty of humidity! If the plant is close to a window and the spots are in the centre of the leaf, they may be signs of sunburn. In this case, move your plant to a spot with bright but indirect sunlight.


My potting mix is drying out really fast.

If you're watering correctly, it could be that your plant has grown too big for its pot and the roots are drinking up the water faster than usual. Go up a pot size and always use premium potting mix - we recommend Supersoil Professional Indoor, Balcony & Hanging Basket Potting Mix. Don't go up more than one pot size, though - a too-big pot can cause a different set of problems for your plant.


This massive fiddle leaf fig might be hard to transplant - but there are other ways to keep it happy!

My plant is too big to transplant into another pot.

What a wonderful problem to have - it means you've got a happy and healthy plant! If you aren't able to move your plant into a bigger pot, you've got two options:

  1. Simply top up what's already in the pot with some fresh potting mix for additional nutrients.
  2. Lift your plant out of its pot, gently trim the root ball by up to one third and replace all of the potting mix before replanting.

If your fiddle is growing too tall for your home, you can either pinch out new leaves from the growing tip as they appear, or trim lightly at the top between spring and autumn.


Help! There are white or brown bumps on my plant.

Oh dear! If your white bumps are fluffy and moving (like in the image below), you've got a mealy bug infestation. Smooth, hard and waxy brown bumps are scale. Both need to be dealt with quickly, before they destroy your plant and move onto the next one. Treat with PestOil, or an organic spray such as Natrasoap or eco-neem on foliage and branches.

See those fluffy things? They're not dust - they're mealy bugs.


I've tried everything and my fiddle leaf's problems are persisting.

Don't worry! We can help. Pop in to your local Flower Power Garden Centre with some pics of your fiddle leaf fig and have a chat to one of our friendly qualified horticulturists. They'll help you work out exactly what the problem is - and even better, how to fix it!