Has record-breaking rainfall left your lawn looking a little worse for wear? Before you admit defeat and lay down a new lawn, there is hope. Here are five ways to save your soggy lawn.


Aerate your lawn

Aerating is done by simply poking holes through the soil to create entry points for air and water, which in turn promotes healthy growth. If you have a small lawn, you can use a garden fork or lawn aerator, pushing the prongs down around 10-15 centimetres into the soil. If you have a large lawn, it’s worth hiring a spiked roller or even better, an aerating machine.


Dethatch your lawn

Thatch is a layer of stems, leaves and roots that build up between actively growing grass and the soil beneath. Thatch is a perfectly normal part of lawn, but when it’s too thick, it can stop the flow of air, water, fertiliser and nutrients to the roots, all of which are necessary for a healthy lawn. Dethatching also staves off waterlogged roots and helps with drainage, to reduce the risk of fungal infection.

The easiest way to dethatch is to use a rake. Push the rake tines down through the grass, so they reach the thatch layer that lies beneath. Alternatively you can hire a dethatching machine.


Aerating and dethatching your lawn can help it recover.


Patch up your lawn

You may have noticed missing patches of lawn. There are two ways to fix this. For instant results, buy fresh turf, cut the roll to fit the gaps in your lawn and lay it down just like a patchwork quilt. The second and less expensive option is to scatter lawn seeds on the sparse areas of your lawn, followed by a layer of top dressing to help the seeds germinate.


Regularly feed and water your lawn

While we’re certain your lawn hasn't had any shortage of water lately, do ensure that it gets regular watering and fertilising. This encourages healthy overall growth and allows any patches of fresh turf or lawn seeds you may have applied to establish themselves.


Feeding your lawn regularly can help it bounce back.


Give your lawn a pick-me-up

Last but not least, give your lawn an extra helping hand with Seasol for Lush Green Lawns. This turf health tonic is for all lawn types and takes care of your lawn above and below the ground. Seasol for Lush Green Lawns enhances foliage colour, increases soil friability, reduces nutrient leaching and stimulates strong healthy root development and beneficial soil micro-organisms. Your lawn will thank you!