Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous certainly lives up to its name with its stunning year-round plum foliage. But spring and autumn is when it really comes into its own, with its showy swathes of magenta, tassel-like flowers. Naturally dense and compact, this versatile shrub can be almost anything you want it to be. Grow it in a pot, plant in your garden or use it to create an informal hedge that will give your garden a sweep of plum. Once established, this easy-going plant is low care, drought tolerant and frost hardy.


Botanical name: Loropetalum chinense 'Plum Gorgeous'

Height: 1.5 metres Width: 2 metres

Ideal spot: Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous enjoys full sun or part shade

Where to grow Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous? With its compact, dense growth habit and maximum height of 1.5 metres, it makes a great low informal hedge. Year-round plum-coloured foliage and beautiful spring and autumn blooms make it great for a pot or container. Add colour to your garden bed or mass plant. Plum Gorgeous won’t look out of place in an oriental, contemporary or cottage-style garden.

When does Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous bloom? In spring and autumn, Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous is smothered in vivid magenta, tasselled flowers.


Caring tips

How to prepare for planting

Plum Gorgeous grows well in most soils, as long as it's well-draining.


Apply a general purpose slow-release fertiliser after flowering and at the start of spring.


No pruning is needed other than shaping to style. A light trim after flowering will help to keep a neat, compact shape.


The good news is Plum Gorgeous is relatively pest and disease free.


Once established, Plum Gorgeous is drought tolerant.