Potted plants are a popular and suitable choice in nearly every garden. They're much more portable than in-ground plants, so you can take them with you if ever you move house, plus choosing to grow plants in containers can open you up to a wider variety of plants that may not otherwise work with the soil type in your garden. Beautiful artisanal pots also add an extra element of style to your garden, and can be used to complement or enhance the look of your plants. So, why have just one potted plant, when you can have a gorgeous outdoor pot cluster?

At Flower Power, we sell Sydney's widest range of plants and pots to suit every garden. Check out our pot clustering tips below, and get cracking on creating your ideal look!



Tip 1: Keep it simple.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices out there, and very tempting to put together huge clusters of pots in different shapes, sizes, textures and tones. But an outdoor pot cluster really doesn't need to be complex, and often the best overall results come from the most understated starting points. For simple grouping success, we suggest you choose a single pot range, colour and shape, and choose matching pots in different sizes to create the illusion of height and texture.

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Tip 2: Proportion perfection.

When matching your pots to your plants, consider the interplay of proportions. If your pots are a tall, slim shape, you'll want plants that complement that silhouette - a short or bulky plant could look out of balance with the pot. Conversely, if you've chosen plants that are compact or have a trailing habit, you'll want to make the most of them by styling in shorter and wider pots.

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Tip 3: Odds-on favourite.

A handy tip when styling anything: in most cases, odd numbers work best. We think 3 is the magic number for an outdoor pot cluster, but if you're feeling adventurous and you have enough space, up it to 5.

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Tip 4: Make the right choices.

For various reasons, not all plants are suitable for growing in pots, and many have sunlight or shade preferences that won't work with the spot you've selected for your outdoor pot cluster. Carefully consider the sizes of the pots and the conditions of the location, and choose plants which will thrive in those conditions. For example, each of the plants featured in our Arlo Planters (right) will thrive in the part-shade position shown.

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Tip 5: Don't be afraid of colour!

You absolutely do not have to stick to plants in 50 shades of green. Mixed hues in both flowers and foliage can make for an eye-catching display, especially against a neutral pot palette which provides stylish contrast.

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Tip 6: Level up your layering.

A mix of pots isn't the only way to create the look of layers. Up your game by underplanting taller trees with complementary small plants - flowering annuals, trailing plants or herbs such as rosemary can make excellent underplantings in pots. We've used Euphorbia 'Hip Hop' to underplant a Lagerstroemia 'Diamonds in the Dark Crimson Red' for amazing contrast!

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Tip 7: Keep up the care.

It's important to remember that plants in pots require a little more care than their counterparts in garden beds. To help them thrive, ensure you use a premium potting mix, and keep to a regular schedule for feeding and watering. If you're a neglectful gardener, choose plants with lower care needs, such as succulents. It's also a great idea to mulch your potted plants. Not only can it help to complete the look, mulching helps to keep the soil in your pot moist and cool, which means you'll have to water less often and your plants will thrive.

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Tip 8: A pot within a pot.

Remember, not only can plants outgrow their containers, you might change your mind on your outdoor pot cluster and want to change things up a few years down the track. This is why it's really helpful to keep your plants in their nursery pots, and then slip them inside the decorative pot of your choice. You can use rocks or an upturned empty plastic pot inside the decorative pot to make sure your plant isn't sitting too low. This way it's really easy to give your plants a deep watering, switch plants if your tastes change or repot them if they outgrow their nursery pot.

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Tip 9: Create height with plant stands

Here's a hint - your pots don't all have to be sitting at the same level. You can pop them on stairs for depth and a layered effect, or simply use a plant stand! Our Arlo Plant Stands are crafted from timber and suitable for undercover use outdoors.

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Ready to create the pot cluster of your dreams? Visit any Flower Power store or shop online for Sydney's biggest range of plants and pots to suit every garden.