Isn't it funny how the weeds always seem to realise it's spring before your lawn does?

Despite the head start, lawns are springing into life and catching up fast after winter. It's time to give them some TLC and revive patchy winter spots, treat problem areas and encourage lush new growth.

A day or two spent on your lawns now will make for lush green lawns that are a pleasure in the coming spring and summer days.


The best way to control weeds in your lawn is by spraying with a herbicide. Lawn weed-control spray works in a way that is very clever in its simplicity. The leaves of most weeds are broader than your blades of grass, so by spraying just the right amount of herbicide over your lawn, your grass it not bothered by it, but the extra surface area of the weed leaves means that these plants absorb more of the herbicide, and voila - dead weeds, happy grass! This is why it's extremely important to follow the instructions on the pack and mix your herbicide at just the right amount.

We like Bin-Die because it's safe on buffalo grass and very effective on all broadleaf weeds. You can buy either as a concentrate and mix it up into a pressure sprayer or try the hose on pack for larger lawns. Either way, make sure you follow the pack instructions and avoid spraying when rain or scorching hot days are forecast.

To discourage weeds from taking up residence in the first place, try to keep your lawn thick with growth - the weeds simply won't have room. This means best practice mowing and building up sparse patches of lawn - see below for more information.



It seems logical that if you mow your grass a bit lower, you can space out your mows and reclaim some of your spare time, but this is one of the worst things you can do for your grass!

When you're mowing, stick to the rule of a third. That is, you should never cut more than a third of the total height of the grass at any time. If your grass looks brownish when you've mowed, you've definitely cut down too far, and your grass may need several weeks to recover.

Longer grass shades the stems and roots below, so when you chop down too far your stems can be sunburnt and moisture evaporates from the soil more quickly, drying your grass out. Stressed out grass will become patchy, inviting weeds in - which means that you'll end up mowing weeds anyway!

Give your lawnmower a service at least once a year and check the blades - clean, sharp blades will make the experience quick and easy for both you and your lawn and leave a beautifully crisp finish.

If you don't enjoy mowing, rather than taking it out on your grass why not give Flower Power Garden Care a call and get them to mow it for you?



In many areas, clay soils dominate and can become very hard, limiting air and water entry and stifling the root growth of your lawn.

Aerating is the practice of poking holes through the soil to create entry points for air and water, and can be achieved in a few different ways. For smaller lawns, you may choose to simply use a garden fork - forcing the prongs down around 10-15cm into the soil. For larger lawns, it's best to look at hiring a spiked roller or even better, an aerating machine.


Top dress

Top dressing is a great way to improve your soil structure and drainage as well as fixing dips and holes in your lawn that might have developed over winter.

Choose a great top dress mix, it should feel sandy and loamy. We recommend Supersoil Lawn Top Dressing, available in 25L bags, or for large areas you might like to look at buying in bulk and having us deliver to your house.

Spread the lawn top dress evenly over your lawn, leaving a little more in any depressions. Make sure you still have some leaf showing so that you don't smother the grass. Give your lawn a thorough watering when you're done.

If you have some patchy areas where grass has thinned out, you might like to sprinkle some lawn seed to build the area back up quickly.



Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn a feed. You'll promote lush, even growth that will choke out weeds and look spectacular.

Choose a slow release lawn food, and if necessary a buffalo-friendly variety. Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Food is one of our favourites. The small granules are easy to spread evenly, meaning that your lawn gets a steady supply of slowly released nutrients. The combination of healthier soil and the added wetting agent helps your soil retain water, stopping the lawn from getting thirsty patches and the added iron encourages the grass to turn a deeper, richer green.


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