Vertical garden products and systems

If you want to be part of the biggest trend in gardening right now, you can pick up all the ingredients at your nursery. Vertical gardens are fashionable and popular providing a simple way to increase the size of your garden by using the walls to support growth. Well grown they also act as a piece of living sculptures or garden art.

They are a simple and effective way to introduce plants into a space where greenery otherwise couldn’t be grown. As they utilise vertical space they are a boon for small gardens everywhere from courtyards to balconies.

Vertical gardens are made up of a series of small planting pockets that can be attached to a wall. The simplest of all vertical gardens is a half hanging basket, but there are now modular systems that work well, are easy and light to install, and which can be rearranged or extended to suit your needs. Most include a support or frame and a system of planting modules.

Here are tips on how to select a vertical garden system for your wall as well as information on some of the available systems. For plant selection see Vertical Garden Friendly Plants.

Product selection

When you decide to install a vertical garden, consider how easy it is to attach to your wall, how much growing space is supplied, how long it will last and also how easy it is maintain. If you are unsure about how the system will perform, start with a small modular unit, then expand your system with extra modules as your confidence and plants grow.

1. Erecting The simplest systems are grow bags that are hung on the wall (for example the Vertical Garden Bag from Yates or the Upside-down Tomato Planter from Brunnings). More sophisticated systems require a supporting framework to be installed first (for example the VersiWall system from Elmich and the VertiGro system from Greenwalls Australia). Modular units that hold potting mix and plants are then attached to this frame.

2. Growing space The smaller the growing space, the more frequently the system needs water and added nutrients. Select a system that gives a useful amount of space for plant roots to expand (at least the equivalent of a 150mm pot), especially if you are growing productive plants. The VersiWall system and HydroFalls Self-watering System from Hills both provide ample growing space.

3. Durability For long life, look for UV-resistant plastic.

4. Watering Watering is the biggest maintenance issue so assess both how your vertical garden is watered and what happens to the water as it drains from the planting pockets. Vertical gardens can be watered by hand, but for simplicity and ease of maintenance, look for a vertical garden system that includes some sort of self-contained watering system such as a capillary and wick system (VersiWall and VertiGro systems) or a water well system (such as the HydroFalls Self-watering System). Make sure wastewater drains away safely into a garden bed, on to a lawn or into a drainage system.

5. Pruning and replanting If the system is modular, the planting pockets should be able to be removed, which make maintenance a breeze. Lift out a unit for pruning and replanting.


Flower Power nurseries stock three vertical garden systems as well as hanging and wall baskets. Display units are also available in-store, so that you can get familiar with the system before you take it home.

VersiWall is a durable system with a sturdy wall frame and modular-planting units that can be installed with a self-contained watering system. It is ideal for good gardeners and easy to use. It could be used for vegetables, herbs or ornamental plants including bromeliads and cascading plants.

VertiGro is composed of small units and is easily added to. It has a watering system, frame and separate planting units. It can be extended with the addition of extra modules and is stylish. It is suited to small or hardy plants including succulents and annuals.

Hydrofalls is an excellent choice for a balcony or small space and ideal for beginners. It is well suited to growing herbs, small vegetables or flowers and ferns. It can be extended with the addition of extra units and contains an easy-to-manage watering system.