A little bit about Viola Friolina

There’s no excuse for a dull and dormant autumn and winter garden when you have pretty perennial Viola Friolina in bloom. At a time when many flowering plants are enjoying a winter snooze, this autumn- and winter-flowering beauty is branching out and trailing, revealing an abundance of blooms as it goes. An evergreen, this viola variety is perfect for hanging baskets, patio pots, window boxes and as a groundcover. As Pyrenees native, it doesn’t mind extreme heat or cold.

Botanical name: Viola cornuta 'Friolina'

Height: 15 centimetres Width: 35 centimetres

Ideal spot: Happy in full sun or part shade.

Where to grow? Perfect for hanging baskets, patio pots, window boxes and as a groundcover.

Flowering season: You can enjoy its abundance of pansy-like flowers from April right through to August.


Viola Friolina care tips

How to prepare for planting

When growing in a pot, use a well-draining, nutrient-rich potting mix.


To keep your plant blooming abundantly, feed it a high-nitrogen fertiliser. Feed every two weeks if growing in a pot and monthly if it’s in the ground.


No pruning or pinching required.


This plant has proven to be generally free of pests and disease.


Water often (but not too much) if planted in the ground as this plant does not like to be dry. In containers, keep soil slightly moist.


Viola cornuta 'Friolina Lemon' pictured in header.